Why don’t you have Instagram for the iPad?

Using Instagram on an iPad, you may have noticed, is not one of the most enjoyable experiences. While the app is available on the tablet App Store, its interface isn’t designed for the big screen, meaning it has a similar layout to your smartphone app — and don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

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Why isn’t there an Instagram adapted for the iPad?

Although both are popular, the answer is quite categorical: the social network is not interested in creating an application especially for the iPad. According to the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, the team responsible for the development of the iPad is low, therefore, there is no conditions to direct a demand, in his point of view, not so important now.

I spent a little time on an iPad because I was on a flight, but there wasn’t an iPad app for Instagram yet. It would be nice to create it, but there’s too much to do and too few people, so it didn’t pass.

In that sense, don’t expect Instagram to change its format on Apple’s tablet any time soon; on the other hand, iPadOS 15 brought the ability to run an iPhone app in landscape mode (landscape), increasing their usability, since it was only possible to use them with the screen orientation vertically.

This is a pretty stopgap solution, as the black bars still persist on the sides.

Is there another way to use Instagram on iPad?

As we have already discussed here in Haanga, you can also use Instagram in an iPad browser as an alternative to the App Store app. However, here is another bad news: although the social network has finally allowed users to make posts from browsers for desktop, it is not possible to do it on the tablet.

If you just want to have a better experience browsing Instagram on the iPad, it is worth using an iPad browser, such as Safari or Chrome, to browse the social network.

You still have access to messages, stories, Reels and other resources in a layout better suited to the big screen.

Source: 9to5Mac

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