Where is WhatsApp backup on mobile?

You have probably already wondered where the WhatsApp backup (Android | iOS | Web) is saved on your phone. Every time you click “Facer backup”, a file is created and saved to Google Drive, iCloud, or locally on the device itself — depending on your settings.

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However, you may want to delete this content, so it is important to know where the file is stored, or even if you can access it. With that in mind, the Haanga gathered the information of where WhatsApp backup is on Google Drive, iPhone (via iCloud), or locally on Android devices. Check below for more details!

Where is the WhatsApp backup on Google Drive

Although one of WhatsApp’s backup options is Google Drive, files are not available in folders; they are hidden. However, you can check whether the service integration is active and how much space the backup is taking up.

Using a PC, access Google Drive (or use the desktop version of a mobile browser), click on the “Gear” icon in the upper right corner and select “Settings”.

In the window that opens next, access the “Manage applications” tab and locate WhatsApp Messenger. By clicking on “Options”, it is possible to disconnect WhatsApp from the service or delete the saved backup.

Where is WhatsApp Backup on iPhone (iCloud)

If you’ve backed up your messages on your iPhone, don’t worry, they’re saved in iCloud and, unlike Google Drive, the file can be quickly accessed on your phone.

Go to the iCloud storage tab on your iPhone and tap on “WhatsApp Messenger”.

Although you can’t see what’s stored in the backup, you can choose to delete the file if you want. Just click on “Clear data” and confirm the action.

Where is WhatsApp Backup on Android

On Android devices, WhatsApp is able to save up to seven backup versions locally, and to access them, you just need to use a file manager — for this example, we opted for Google Files (Android).

Access the “Internal Storage” of the cell phone, open the “WhatsApp” folder and tap on “Databases”. Once this is done, you will be able to view the backup files, but you will not have access to the information contained therein.

Ready! Now you know where WhatsApp backup is on Google Drive, iPhone (via iCloud) and Android (locally).

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