How to Enable Touch ID or Face ID lock on iPhone

WhatsApp has an extra layer of privacy protection for messages exchanged in the app. In it, users can use Touch ID or Face ID technology, depending on the iPhone model they have, to prevent prying eyes from accessing conversations without proper authorization.

The Biometric Authentication Screen Lock feature in WhatsApp is quite useful for cases where you need to lend your iPhone to someone to access another app, such as Safari, and not worry about whether they are actually performing the requested task or inappropriately viewing your conversations. .

The problem is that this security option is disabled by default and can end up going unnoticed by many people. However, activating the Touch ID or Face ID lock on WhatsApp is an easy task and the Haanga explains step by step how to do this.

Important: popup notifications will continue to appear on your iPhone normally. In addition, even with Screen lock enabled, you will be able to respond to messages from notifications, just by unlocking the biometric authentication of the smartphone’s access lock.

How to enable Touch ID or Face ID lock on WhatsApp

Step 1: open WhatsApp on iPhone. Then tap on the “Settings” tab.

Step 2: tap “Account” > “Privacy”.

Step 3: select “Screen lock” option.

Step 4: enable the “Request Face ID/Touch ID” option. Then, set the time interval in which you must provide biometric authentication in the app. For security, we recommend that you choose the “Immediately” option.

Okay, now your WhatsApp will always ask for your fingerprint or a scan of your face before granting access to conversations. If for some reason authentication is not successful, there will still be the option to enter the PIN that unlocks the device.

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