What to do if you forget your Apple Watch password?

If you are unable to remember your unlock password at all Apple Watch, there is a native and safe solution: resetting the device to factory settings. But calm down! You won’t lose your watch faces and apps as long as you have iCloud backup turned on for your watch.

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Understand in the steps below how to regain access to your Apple Watch back to the way it was before, through iCloud backup and factory reset.

What to do if you forget your Apple Watch unlock code

Enable Apple Watch Backup to iCloud

First of all, you need to confirm that your Apple ID has iCloud activated properly to backup your Apple Watch watch faces and apps. To do this, go into Settings on your iPhone, then click on your Apple ID. In your account, confirm that the options “iCloud Drive”, right at the top of the screen, and “Watch”, which you can find further down.

On Apple Watch

First, remove your watch from your wrist and place it on the charger, keeping it there during all the next steps. Press the side button as if you were going to turn it off. On the shutdown screen, press the Digital Crown, until an option appears to erase all content and settings from your device. Confirm the action by clicking “Reset”.

on iPhone

Enter the Watch app on your iPhone, then “General”, scroll all the way down and click “Reset”. On the next screen, select the option to “Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings”.

Restore from iCloud Backup

Wait for your smartwatch to complete the full system reset process to factory defaults. When you pair it again on your iPhone — don’t remember how to do it? O Haanga help you; check out this tutorial — select the option to “Restore Backup” and that’s it, just follow the onscreen instructions, entering your Apple ID credentials, and your Apple Watch will restore your iCloud backup and return to the way it was before.

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