Understand the video download policy on TikTok

Do you know the TikTok rules for downloading videos? It is common to think that the policy adopted by the platform is similar to that of its direct competitor, Instagram. This, however, is a mistake: the Chinese social network boasts particularities.

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  • How to download videos from Instagram

The main one is to allow the user to download not only videos that he has published, but also other content — and all this natively. Unfortunately, on Instagram, the user is limited to their own creations.

In all these cases, the clip accompanies a watermark, whose purpose is to indicate the platform of origin. This is problematic for creators who take advantage of their productions on different social networks, as the algorithm takes down competitor content.

In this regard, Instagram comes out ahead. This is because, during the creation of Reels, it is possible to download the video without a watermark — which is even static, unlike what happens on TikTok (Android l iOS l Web). The Chinese app features a mobile icon to prevent the user from hiding it with montages and edits.

How to save TikTok videos

To remove the watermark from TikTok, you have to resort to external websites — but that Haanga already taught on another occasion. Briefly, you should copy the video link.

Do this through the send button, represented by an arrow or the WhatsApp icon on the right side. In the window that will appear next, tap on the corresponding command. Then use this link on sites with SSSTikTok; load.info; and TikMate.

But if you don’t mind the icon, here’s a tutorial on how to save TikTok videos on mobile. In this article, we present a simpler method. Generally speaking, you should hit the submit button again and, instead of copying the link, choose the “Save video” command.

How to block downloading videos on TikTok

TikTok users can prevent others from downloading their videos through the app. In most cases, you can adjust this preference manually. But, if the account is private or if the creator is under 16 years old, the adjustment is automatic and immutable (until the main condition no longer exists).

It also prevents users from converting their clips to Live Photo and GIFs. The option of direct sharing to other platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp is also disabled. Indirect sharing, done through the link, is still possible.

Incidentally, even though the tweak disables the download button successfully, TikTok presents a serious slip in the process. Blocking is not applied to the external sites mentioned above. Through them, the download occurs normally. So we can say that the feature works, but only until the second page.

After that, if you still want to know how to change the fit, go to the profile in the app. Then open the three-dash menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on “Privacy” and in the “Security” section select the “Downloads” option. Now, just turn it off.

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