Telegram makes it easy to create animated stickers in a new update

Another update has just landed on Telegram this Monday (31). Messenger version 8.5 introduces more reactions, improves navigation between unread chats and makes it easier to add animated stickers, which can now be created from any video.

More video stickers

Telegram users have been able to create animated stickers for some time now, but the process is not that simple and usually requires specialized programs. To make the creation process easier, the messaging app now lets you add any video as a new sticker, using “any editing program”.

It is essential that the editing program is able to export files in WEBM format. Also, the video can be as short as three seconds, have a transparency layer, be no larger than 256KB, and, of course, have no audio.

Reinforcement for reactions and emojis

Opened in December, Telegram reactions further streamline chat in private conversations, groups and channels with a limited set of emojis. To further enhance this feature, more smileys and animations are available.

Reactions now have varying sizes, including. To launch a screen-spanning reaction, simply tap and hold the emoji.

This same package of news also includes the new interactive emojis, also filled with animations and expressiveness. Just send the sticker and touch it to see the effect.

improved navigation

Tired of having to go back to the app’s home screen just to go to other unread chats? The Telegram 8.5 update includes a shortcut for you. To navigate between channels with pending chat, hold the “Back” button (upper left corner) to open a submenu for direct navigation of the conversation.

When does the Telegram update arrive?

Telegram version 8.5 is currently available for download on the App Store, Play Store and on the platform’s official website (in the APK version for Android).

Source: Telegram

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