Telegram gains reaction to messages with emojis and anti-spoiler filter

Telegram brought an end-of-the-year gift to its users and arrived this Thursday (30) at version 8.4. The novelty is full of new functions that enhance the increasingly popular rival of WhatsApp, the reaction to Instagram-style messages being the biggest novelty of this update.

Reacting to messages with emojis

Anticipated in trial versions a few days ago, the feature allows you to react with emojis to an in-app message just as you can in Instagram or Twitter DMs. Despite not being a pioneer in adopting the function, Telegram once again comes out ahead of its main rival.

The options available on Telegram are limited, but customizable: by going to the system settings (Android: Chats Settings > Quick Reaction; iOS: Stickers and Emojis > Quick Reaction) it is possible to set what the default quick reaction was performed whenever you double-tap a message received in an in-app chat.

Quick reactions are enabled by default in private conversations, but groups and channels need to enable them, which is the responsibility of their admins (for that, just go to Group/Channel Data > Edit > Reactions).

Translated and spoiler-free messages

Telegram 8.4 also includes a translator for messages sent in public groups. In the program settings (Settings > Language) it is possible to define the language into which the messages will be translated, then just tap on the text in question and select the “Translate” option in the context menu that opens on the screen.

Another useful feature for those who frequent groups and channels and recently tested, the anti-spoiler filter also appeared in this version of Telegram. Whenever you send a message revealing the end of a movie, for example, just select the part to be hidden and check the “Spoiler” option in the context menu.

To “unravel” the mystery behind the blurry text, readers need to tap on the message, i.e. they won’t be unintentionally hit by spoilers

QR Code for everyone

Now, Telegram allows you to generate a QR Code with a link to any group, channel or person registered on the platform and who has defined a username. It is worth remembering that the messenger is used by many people as a kind of personal blog, which should also be enhanced with the new function.

Again, just go to settings to enable the QR Code display on your own profile on Telegram.

more news

Complementing the features of Telegram 8.4 is a new menu for the macOS version and more interactive emojis — the update includes larger animations for the following figures: 🔥, 😄, 🤩, 😢, 😭, 😱 and ❄.

Telegram 8.4 is now available for Android and iOS, and the update should automatically arrive in the next few hours or days on your device. If you want to speed things up, check for new versions available on your platform’s app stores.

It is worth remembering, however, that the anti-spoiler filter and reaction to messages with emoji functions for now only work on mobile devices.

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