Mac microphone not working? know what to do

With Mac, we can communicate with friends, family and co-workers through FaceTime, WhatsApp and other apps capable of making voice and video calls. For the best user experience, one of the basic requirements is that the microphone is working properly.

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If you’ve made a call from your Mac, or are trying to do voice recording, and the microphone didn’t work, don’t despair. There are a few simple reasons why the microphone isn’t picking up audio correctly, especially if you’re using an external accessory. Before assuming a hardware defect, the problem may be due to some incorrect system configuration adjustment.

Factors such as macOS security and privacy settings, which prevent microphone capture in applications installed on the system, resetting the PRAM, or failure to configure the computer’s audio input can be the reasons why you are not able to use the equipment correctly. of audio capture.

Check out our tutorial below with methods you should follow to fix your Mac microphone.

Methods to make Mac microphone work

1. Check system sound settings

It is common that the Mac’s audio input settings are not configured correctly, either because the device is not correctly selected for the function, or even with an inaudible pickup volume. Check out how to fix it below.

Step 1: in the Mac menu bar, click the Apple logo. Then go to “System Preferences…”.

Step 2: click on “Sound”. Then go to the “Input” section.

Step 3: under “Select a device for sound input”, make sure the correct hardware is selected. Then, under “Input volume”, adjust the volume correctly.

To see if the microphone is working, talk to the computer and review the feedback under “Input Level”.

2. Check your privacy settings

If the microphone is working correctly in the system settings, it is highly likely that the Mac is preventing an application from gaining access to the audio capture. Make sure the chosen app has microphone access.

Step 1: in the System Preferences app, click “Security & Privacy”.

Step 2: go to the “Privacy” tab. Then, in the side window, click on “Microphone”.

Step 3: tick the app you want to allow access to your Mac’s microphone.

3. Reset Mac PRAM

Mac RAM parameters are responsible for saving system configuration settings and accessing them quickly. Among the adjustments, such as selection of boot disks, screen resolution, date and time, microphone adjustment is also included.

Here in the Haangawe have prepared a complete article about everything you need to know to reset your Mac’s PRAM. Enter the article, follow the steps indicated and check if the microphone is working normally.

We hope these tips can solve your Mac’s microphone problem. If you’re still experiencing difficulties, contact Apple Technical Support to see if the problem is with your macOS software or your computer’s hardware.

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