How to Zoom in Instagram Stories

Instagram (Android l iOS l Web) has long ceased to be just a social network. Through the app, users can create and edit posts from scratch. To create more dynamic posts, how about zooming in on Stories?

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With a touch of creativity, a simple feature like this can grab the attention of those on the other side of the screen. To prepare this article, the different ways to use the zoom in Stories were selected.

How to Zoom Videos in Stories

During the process, however, the Haanga identified that the Superzoom feature is no longer available. Apparently, the tool was removed in one of the social network updates. Fortunately, there are other alternatives.

Use zoom manually

The simplest method — and also the best known — is precisely the manual. In case you don’t remember, it has two variations. When starting to record a Reels, pinch the screen with two fingers while holding down the capture button. Open your fingers to zoom in and pinch them together to zoom out.

While this strategy works, it can be a little tricky in practice. To make the process easier, you can try the second variation: press the capture button and, to zoom, drag the button up. If you want to zoom out, slide it down. The great asset here is the possibility of using only one hand.

Activate the “Hands Free” feature

If you prefer pincer movement, there is an interesting solution to the difficulty presented above: use the “Hands Free” feature. That way, you won’t need to press the capture button while recording.

In this case, tap the down arrow on the left side of the screen, click on the tool and start recording. Once that’s done, just zoom in on Stories.

Enable the Zoom Out and Zoom In filters

These alternatives, although they have their value, are useless if you want to record away from your cell phone. The way out is to combine the “Hands Free” feature with the “Timer” (also located on the left sidebar) and use the Zoom Out (to zoom out) or Zoom In (to zoom in) effects.

Locate the filters and drag them to the left until you find the “Search for more filters” command. Click on it and use the search engine at the top of the screen to search for the term “zoom”. Choose one of the official options and start recording!

Now that you know how to zoom in on Instagram Stories, how about using the function to make your posts more interesting?

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