How to withdraw money from your TikTok balance

The social network TikTok (Android | iOS) has some options to earn money through the platform. The main one is from the sharing of an invitation code: when a person creates a registration using your code, both receive an amount in points, which can be increased by consuming the videos on consecutive days. This score can be converted into cash, with the possibility of withdrawing or using it for mobile top-ups and promotions.

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The transfer of the amount can be made by Pix, PagBank, bank transfer or PayPal, and you must be over 18 years of age to receive the money. The procedure for requesting the withdrawal of the balance is simple and the amount is sent within ten working days. See the step by step below!

TikTok: How to withdraw money from your balance

Step 1: open TikTok and go to the “Profile” tab. Then tap on the icon with a coin, located in the upper left corner;

Step 2: the next screen displays your current score, in addition to the invite code for new registrations. Tap the cashout button to advance;

Step 3: at the top of the screen, you can view your cash balance. Choose a withdrawal amount and tap “Withdraw”. On the same screen, there is the possibility to recharge the cell phone;

Step 4: the next step involves informing the payment options. Tap “Add a new withdrawal method” to proceed;

Step 5: then choose between Pix, bank transfer, PagBank account or PayPal. Each option has a different deadline for completion;

Step 6: fill in the requested data. In the case of Pix, it is necessary to inform one of your account keys;

Step 7: check all data of the withdrawal method and tap “Confirm”;

Step 8: on the payment screen, tap “Withdraw Now” to continue;

Step 9: this time, check the values ​​and press “Confirm to withdraw”;

Ready! After ordering, your TikTok balance will be reduced and the amount will be sent to the registered method. Don’t worry if the money doesn’t arrive on time: in some cases, you have to wait up to 10 business days.

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