How to Watch TV Globo Live on Globoplay

All you need to do is have a free Globo account to have access to real-time programming and follow programs like Jornal Nacional, BBB and the traditional soap operas of the house. Learn in the following tutorial how to watch TV Globo live and free on Globoplay.

How to watch Globo live for free

on PC

  1. Go to the website “” (without quotes);
  2. Go to “Now on TV” and click “Watch Now”;
  3. Log in to your Globo account or create a new account;
  4. Start watching TV Globo programming live and for free.

On mobile (Android and iPhone)

  1. Download and open the Globoplay app (Android | iOS);
  2. Tap the “Now” icon at the bottom of the screen;
  3. Log in to your Globo account or create a new account;
  4. Now just watch TV Globo programs live on your cell phone.

Which locations have Globo’s live signal?

TV Globo’s free live signal is available in most Brazilian states. Below, we have gathered the regions of the country for you to see if your municipality is included:

  • North region
  • Northeast Region
  • Midwest region
  • Southeast region
  • South region

Can I watch TV Globo live and for free outside Brazil?

For those who are not in Brazil, it is possible to watch the Globo Internacional channel. However, this option is only valid for Globoplay subscribers.

What’s free in the Globoplay catalogue?

In addition, to live programming, Globoplay offers some soap operas and series for free, without you having to subscribe. Excerpts from Globo’s original programs, soap operas and series can also be seen, in addition to the Futura channel and CBN radio (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro).

The free productions are available in the “Novels and series released” section and include Secret Truths, The big family, The Normals and some seasons Workout. Remember that availability can change at any time on Globoplay.

Is BBB free on Globoplay?

No. Big Brother Brasil live cameras are only available to Globoplay subscribers. The only exception is the live broadcast of the program, always after the 9 pm telenovela, while the program is on air in the first months of the year.

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