How to Watch Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Videos on Globoplay

Added to this, the mobile platform natively offers a feature called “Picture-in-picture” (PiP), with which it is possible to watch content in a floating window while performing other activities. If you want to use this same feature on your PC, you must install an extension on Google Chrome.

Regardless of which option you choose, know that watching Picture-in-Picture videos on Globoplay is something that can be done extremely quickly and conveniently. Check out the step by step below!

How to watch Picture-in-Picture videos on Globoplay on mobile

Step 1: if you subscribe to one of Globoplay’s plans, access the platform and click on one of the on-demand or live content.

step 2: Then tap “Watch”.

step 3: With the player open, go back to your mobile home screen.

step 4: Note that the floating window (Picture-in-Picture) has been opened. Through it, you can pause or close the content, and it is also possible to return to full-screen mode.

If this method does not activate the floating window, your phone may have the feature turned off.

To enable it on Android, go to the “Settings” tab, tap on “Apps & notifications” and click on “View all apps”. Locate Globoplay, open it, click on “Advanced”, access the “Picture-in-picture” tab and enable the function.

If you use an iPhone, go to the “Settings” tab, tap on “General”, click on “PIP” and, in the next tab, enable the option “Start PIP automatically”.

How to watch Picture-in-Picture videos on Globoplay on a PC

Step 1: Go to the Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google) page on the Chrome Web Store, click on “Use in Chrome”, and in the window that opens then click on “Add extension”.

step 2: access some Globoplay content and click on the extension icon on the top menu of the browser.

step 3: Note that the video player will open in a floating window. Now you will be able to do other things on your PC while watching content.

step 4: Through the window, you can pause and close the player, or go back to full-screen mode.

Ready! Now you can watch Globoplay content using the Picture-in-Picture feature.

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