How to view Facebook Stories anonymously

Facebook Stories (Web | Android | iOS) allow us to share an interesting fact with our friends and listen to people’s comments. If you want to go unnoticed, we can help you. Learn how to view Facebook Stories anonymously below.

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View Facebook Stories Anonymously

O Facebook doesn’t allow you to change the settings to watch a story anonymously, however, there is a trick you can use so people don’t know you’ve viewed her story. Check it out below.

Put your phone in airplane mode or disconnect from Wi-Fi

Access Facebook on your cell phone and wait for it to load normally. With the app open, open the settings and disconnect from the network or enter airplane mode. Go back to Facebook and click on Stories to watch anonymously.

This method is not 100% effective, as there will come a time when Stories will no longer load due to the lack of connection, but it is a practical way to hide. When finished, close the application before connecting to the network again to avoid loading the information.

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