How to View Facebook feed in Chronological order

Facebook (Android | iOS | Web) made available, in March, tools that allow you to control the content shown in the app’s feed. In the Android version, it is possible to resume the display of updates in chronological order, replacing the view of publications considered most relevant by the social network algorithm.

When browsing the feed, a bar at the top of the screen allows you to change between the chronological order, the main publications, and the section of pages and profiles marked as favorites by the user. Changing by filters is quick, as is selecting favorites. Check it step by step!

Facebook: How to see your feed in chronological order

Step 1: to bookmark a page or profile, tap the three dots icon on a post and check “Add to bookmarks”;

Step 2: swipe up on the screen to view a tab at the top of the screen. Select from the three-tab options or tap the icon in the right corner to change filters;

Step 3: choose which feed you want to read or open app preferences;

Step 4: when selecting the option “Recent”, the publications are shown in chronological order;

Step 5: it is also possible to access the latest publications or favorite profiles through the application menu. Select the three dots icon and then tap “Recent & Favorites”.

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