How to use the Instagram Level feature?

Tired of taking crooked pictures in Stories? Instagram (Android l iOS l Web) has a tool whose objective is precisely to help the user to frame the image correctly. Quickly and with just a few taps, it is possible to access and test the functionality – which stands out for its simplicity and efficiency.

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Fortunately, the feature is not limited to any operating system or account category. Therefore, you are unlikely to encounter problems using it. But to avoid unforeseen events, make sure the app is up to date. Next, see how to use Instagram Level and align your photos without difficulty.

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How to use the Instagram Level feature

Step 1: Access Instagram on mobile and enter the publishing screen. With the Stories option selected at the bottom of the page, click the side arrow to display more tools;

Step 2: from the available options, select “Level”;

Step 3: now, with the help of the grid that will be displayed, adjust the image to the screen;

Step 4: once the image is framed correctly, a level symbol will appear in the center of the screen in yellow. It is worth noting that the appeal does not promise a mayor result. The objective, in fact, is to serve as a guide for the user. With the camera aligned, tap the capture button to take photos and create videos.

Ready! Now you know how to use the Instagram Level feature.

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