How to use the boost button on Instagram

If you are a content creator or have a business profile on Instagram (Android l iOS l Web), you have certainly heard of “organic reach”. This term refers to the users you reach without the help of external mechanisms. If you want to maximize results, you can use the boost button on the social network.

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The logic is simple: in exchange for greater exposure on the social network, the user must make an investment in cash. In this sense, the probability of reaching a larger audience grows according to the amount spent and the duration of the ad.

How to boost your Instagram posts

Click the boost button below a post

To get started, identify the post you want to boost and click the “Turn Post” command below. Some formats and posts are not supported by the feature. In this case, the button will be grayed out.

choose your goal

Then choose if you want to attract more profile visits; more hits to a particular site or more messages. Once this is done, click “Next”.

Determine your target audience on Instagram

Tell Instagram the profile of the users you want to target. You can detail the audience in the “Create your own” tab or use the automatic option, which will be based on the profile of your current followers. When you finish this step, proceed.

Enter your ad budget and duration

Now, determine how many reais you want to invest per day and the duration of the ad. After that, tap on “Next”.

Select a payment method

In the “Payment” section, choose from the available methods. Unfortunately, Instagram only offers two options: boleto and Mercado Pago. To finish, tap on “Turbine Post”.

Ready! Now you know how to boost your posts and increase the reach of your Instagram profile.

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