How to use Telegram | Practical Guide

Learn how to use Telegram through this practical guide that Haanga prepared for you. The messenger attracts a lot of users for the security that the platform offers through its encryption, great customization, and ease of use.

Check below for some tips on how to use Telegram, in addition, learn a little about its origin, how the system works, and the main differences against its biggest “rival”, WhatsApp.

What is how Telegram works

First of all, let’s talk about what Telegram is. The application was created by Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov, the former supports the system financially while the latter’s contribution is technological and allows users to use the system simultaneously on different devices, synchronizing the sending and receiving of messages instantly.

You can also create groups for up to 200,000 people, chat with your contacts saved on your phone or manage channels to broadcast to an unlimited number of people.

Telegram works through a cloud system so that the user can use multiple platforms simultaneously, all with the same account. Every message is encrypted before being sent, thus ensuring information security.

It is a complete system, which serves both users who seek more security of their data and who simply want to chat with family and friends, but also for large companies or leaders, who want to share information with a large number of people.

How Telegram makes money

During all its years of existence, Telegram has been free, as are all its features, but it has already been announced that there will be new functions, through a paid plan of the app, introduced, with a special focus on companies and businesses that need other actions in the app .

Even with this plan that aims to generate profit, Pavel Durov assured that Telegram will continue with its free version and it will be that way forever.

How to use Telegram

The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms, but it can also be used on PC via Telegram Web or by downloading Telegram Desktop. See below how to use the main tools of the platform.

Create an account

The process to create an account is very simple, access the application and see below. If you want, you can also use two accounts on Telegram, check out how in this tutorial that Haanga has prepared.

  1. Click on “Start Chatting”;
  2. Put your phone number with the Brazil code on the front, the number “55”;
  3. Enter the code received by SMS;
  4. Fill in whatever is asked to complete the process.

Create and Customize Groups

Groups on WhatsApp allow, as previously stated, a maximum of 200,000 members and, in their creation, a link is generated to share when needed, making more people join.

  1. On the main screen, click the icon in the upper left corner to open the menu;
  2. Select “New group” in the tab that appears;
  3. Choose the contacts that will be part;
  4. Name and post a photo for the group and confirm.

If you want to create channels, take a look at the tutorial on how to create a channel to broadcast content, but if you want to customize the group, just follow the steps below and see some options.

  1. Click on the group name and then on the pencil;
  2. Change photo and group name with ease;
  3. Tap “Group Type” to change your privacy;
  4. Click on Administrators and then “Add Admin”;
  5. Choose the person you want and control their permissions.

file upload

Telegram allows uploading files up to 2GB, great for sharing long videos or very large files like projects and presentations. Check below how to send a file on Telegram.

  1. Click the Clips next to the message bar or the microphone icon to send audio;
  2. When accessing the clips, a window opens allowing you to send the last photos taken with the device or take a new one;
  3. Below you can select other file types to send, including creating polls.

Differences from Telegram to WhatsApp

By using cloud synchronization, Telegram is much faster and can already be used simultaneously on multiple devices, while WhatsApp is in the Beta phase. Perhaps you have already noticed some delay in loading while using the browser and mobile.

Two other major differences have already been mentioned before: the stark difference in the number of people in the groups, 200,000 for Telegram and 256 for WhatsApp, in addition to the file size that can be sent, only 10 MB for WhatsApp and 2 GB for Telegram.

Ready! Now you already have a beautiful direction of what is possible to do with Telegram, in addition to knowing a little about who created it and future monetization plans.

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