How to use Reels timer on Instagram

If you want to record videos for social media with more quality, you can use Reels Instagram timer. Once configured, it starts a countdown and automatically records the video for the chosen duration.

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In addition to allowing users to create videos without necessarily using their hands, it also offers the possibility to better prepare before recording. Check below for more details!

  1. Open Instagram (Android | iOS | Web), tap “+” at the top and select “Reels Video”;
  2. Then select “Timer” from the left menu. If this option is not available, update the Instagram app;
  3. Choose the “Countdown” time. The options are 3s and 10s;
  4. Drag the slider to set the recording time, the maximum being 15s;
  5. Tap “Set Timer” at the bottom;
  6. Once the adjustments are made, click on the recording icon, wait for the countdown and the video will be recorded automatically;
  7. Finish publishing and share your Reel on Instagram Feed.

Now you can use Reels Instagram timer to create higher quality videos without having to use your hands!

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