How to use Instagram: the practical guide

Created in 2010, the social network has grown a lot and is excellent for creating and disseminating content, so it is important to know how to use Instagram, whether as a user who just wants to share moments or who wants to promote their product and company.

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We’ve prepared this practical guide that covers some of the app’s main functions, added throughout its 11 years of life, to get the most out of the social network. Follow below!

How to create an Instagram account

Starting from the simplest, creating an Instagram account (Android | iOS) is a quick process. See below how.

  1. Open the application and click on “Register with email or phone number”;
  2. Choose the desired option and tap “Next”;
  3. A verification code is sent to the mobile phone or email, enter it and click the “Next” icon;
  4. Enter your full name and password, then choose whether or not you want to sync contacts from your cell phone;
  5. Add your date of birth;
  6. After completing all the steps, the social network asks for confirmation. Just click on the “Register” icon to finish creating the account.

The information collected, such as date of birth, serves the social network to improve social network features and advertisements, in addition to keeping the community safe. It is also possible to enter Instagram via Facebook, for that see our text that teaches the process.

How to edit your Instagram profile

By accessing their profile, the user can easily change their username, profile picture, bio and other options. To do this, simply click on your photo in the lower right corner and on the next screen click on “Edit Profile”.

How to find people on Instagram

Finding people on Instagram is also a quick process that can be done by going to your profile and clicking on the “+” icon next to “Edit Profile”. Some options appear, but you can see others by clicking on “See all”.

How to post on Instagram

It’s not even possible to remember the time when Instagram was just Feed and Stories. The user can also post live streams, reels and edit each type of post as they wish. Check it out below.


Feed is the first contact we have when we enter the network, it is where we find published photos or videos and we can find out what happened while we were away.

  1. The first step is to click on the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the screen;
  2. Select “Publish”, choose an image, or several, from the gallery or click on the camera to take a photo;
  3. When you have the perfect image, just go ahead;
  4. Choose the filter and edit the photo as you wish and proceed again;
  5. Write a caption, tag people or share on another network if you wish;
  6. After that, just click on the icon in the upper right corner to publish.


Reels, or “Scenes,” is an interesting Instagram tool for short content. In the beginning it was possible to record for only 15 seconds, then it jumped to 30 seconds and today users can record in the same by clicking on the same “+” icon from the previous step by step.

Enjoy and check out this text on how to remix any video from Reels and the best apps to create Instagram Reels and give your content a boost.


The Story is an image or video content that is on the air 24 hours a day. It is an excellent tool for the user to create polls, ask questions or simply share something.

  1. Click the “+” button and this time choose “Story”;
  2. Choose from existing photos in your gallery or use the camera to take a new one or record a video;
  3. In the bar above you can choose effects or write on the image;
  4. The user can also add stickers, make polls and other options by clicking on the middle option;
  5. Go ahead and click “Share” to post to your Story.

Live broadcast

The name already gives the answer about what this function makes possible, right? It is possible to create a live and invite other people, a maximum of four per live. See more information in the text we prepared on how to live with two people on Instagram.

How to change personal Instagram to business

For those looking to promote their business or make sales on Instagram, know that the social network is as important a platform as Facebook or Twitter. Its format and great use makes it possible to connect with ease. See how to switch your account to business and other important tips.

Making the change opens up other possibilities, such as insights into what your audience is, the content they’ve shared, and more. Also check out our guide on how to sell on Instagram and how to price product photos.

  1. Access your profile and click on “Settings”;
  2. Tap “Account” and then scroll down until you find “Switch to professional account”;
  3. Click on continue and then describe the category of your business;
  4. Tap “Finish”;
  5. The change can take up to 30 seconds, when finished, tap “Next”;
  6. Configure the account from the options given by the platform and finish.

Instagram provides a world of opportunities for you to express yourself as a person or business! Take advantage of these tips and venture through this social network.

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