How to use Facebook audio rooms

In the not-too-distant past, the Clubhouse served as the kick-off for several companies to launch a feature for creating voice chat rooms. Facebook is one of them, and this feature is now coming to all users.

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Known in English as Live Audio Rooms, Facebook audio chats allow you to create a room and chat with other people. Want to learn how to access the news? Follow the tutorial below.

What are audio rooms on Facebook

Live Audio Rooms follow the same style as what already exists in other apps, such as Slack, Spotify (Greenhouse) and Twitter (Twitter Spaces). A host creates a room to chat with everyone who enters there. The creator of the room can define if only he will speak or if the other participants will also be able to lend their voices.

Voice chat rooms on Facebook appear at the top of the feed on the service’s home page. Artists, organizations, brands and companies that are live or that have scheduled a room will also be visible as soon as you open the Facebook app on mobile.

For now, only content creators, public figures and verified people on Facebook can create live chat rooms. Rooms can still be saved to creators’ profiles for later listening.

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As with Facebook Gaming’s content creators, Facebook’s audio rooms rely on raising money using the star system, which in turn is the platform’s virtual currency. Star donors will gain prominence in the front rows of the room, increasing their chances of interacting with the host.

By mid-October 2021, the Facebook Voice Rooms feature was officially released for iOS and Android users. Tests are also being carried out on the desktop version of the social network, but on PC it is only possible to listen to the rooms, not create them (at least for now).

Additionally, in the US, the “Watch” tab in the Facebook app now displays a section specifically intended for audio content. So far, the feature has not been made available in Brazil.

How to use Facebook audio rooms

Step 1: open the Facebook app (Android | iOS) on your mobile.

Step 2: on the home page, you will see two cards from Facebook’s audio rooms. They are below the buttons for you to make a new publication.

Step 3: Live rooms or rooms scheduled by a creator or influencer you follow on Facebook will also appear in this section.

From there, select “Listen” or “View Details”.

Step 4: if the room is live, just start listening. But if the event is scheduled, tap on the “I will” option, to confirm presence in the room as soon as it starts.

Step 5: scroll down to view information about the content of the conversation and which speakers will participate.

Step 6: If you have a verified Facebook page and want to create a room, go back to the app’s home screen and select “Create”, inside the “Audio and Video Rooms” card.

Step 7: to listen to a finished audio room, search or log into the creator’s profile and look for the chat card. Then tap “Listen”.

See how easy it is? Yes, some functions of Facebook’s audio rooms are still limited in Brazil, but now it’s just a matter of time before content creators and users can take advantage of all the possibilities of this new feature.

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