How to transfer stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp

Transfer Telegram Stickers to WhatsApp At first, it may seem like a rather complicated task. However, if you copy the package link and use your own app to download it, you can use your favorite stickers in both messengers without much problem.

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It is a fact that the stickers have been increasingly successful, precisely because they are a quick way to express yourself. And since you already use both platforms, why not have the same options at hand on each? Check below for more details!

Before making the migration, you need to get the link of the sticker pack you want to transfer from Telegram (Android | iOS | Web).

  1. To do this, open Telegram and access the “Settings” tab;
  2. Tap on “Chats Settings”, scroll to the bottom and click on “Stickers and Masks”;
  3. Locate the package you want to transfer to WhatsApp and tap on the “Three dots”;
  4. In the pop-up that opens, select “Copy link”.

Now that you have the Telegram stickers link in hand, you can use the Unofficial telegram stickers for WhatsApp app to finalize the transition to WhatsApp (Android | iOS | Web).

  1. Download the Unofficial telegram stickers for WhatsApp app (Android) and tap “+” on the home screen;
  2. In the opened menu, select “Enter set name”;
  3. Paste the sticker pack link in the indicated field and tap “OK”;
  4. Wait a few moments until the stickers are loaded and tap on “Download”. The platform will compile the stickers into two or more packages, if it exceeds the number allowed by WhatsApp;
  5. Once this step is completed, the stickers will be sent to WhatsApp. If it doesn’t, tap the “+” next to the package.

To access and use the new Telegram stickers on WhatsApp, just access the stickers section directly in the messenger.

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