How to teach TikTok what you want to watch

One of the highlights of TikTok is the For You tab, which includes suggestions for videos from different profiles, including those not followed by your account, based on your interests. Changed by the social network’s algorithm, this tab allows you to create a unique feed of updates for each profile on the platform, providing a personalized experience.

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In this way, it is possible to “teach” TikTok (Android | iOS | Web) what content should be shown as suggestions to your profile. During the first days of using the social network, the contents can be generalized or with videos popular among the user community. As usage of the platform increases, the recommendations are more specific to your tastes and usage preferences.

How the For You section works on TikTok

The For You feed includes curation created by the platform’s algorithm based on possible interests from your profile. Each TikTok user has a unique feed tailored to their preferences. For this, the social network uses some main factors, considering usage habits.

One of the main factors is the level of user interaction. This includes likes, shares, comments, videos and followed accounts. Other habits, such as single video replays and screen time in longer clips, are also elements that contribute to the personalization of your feed.

In addition to interactions, two other important factors are video information and account settings. Captions, sounds, description and hashtags also have an influence on personalizing your main interests. There is also relevance to language preference, selected region and the type of device used to access the social network.

TikTok organizes all this information and establishes the value of each to the user. Watching a long video, for example, carries a greater “weight” for recommendations than the platform’s language settings. The “For You” section also has features to avoid duplication: it is rare to find two videos in a row published by the same profile or to show repeated videos in the feed.

How to teach your favorite content to TikTok

There is no official method for teaching your favorite tastes to TikTok. On the other hand, it is worth interacting with the videos you like on the social network to speed up the operation of the algorithm in the For You section. When liking, commenting and sharing content on the same subject, the algorithm can interpret these interactions as a factor in the choice. of the themes.

During the initial setup of a new account on the platform, the app allows you to select some categories with favorite themes. This also contributes to the personalization of the feed: if you have not checked any option, the section will only show videos that are trending on the social network, with general subjects.

Therefore, the simplest way to receive your favorite content is to use the app frequently. After a few days, it is already possible to notice a change in the theme of the videos shown in the For You section. This is not the only way to discover new content: following new profiles, exploring hashtags and accessing trends also help in creating personalized recommendations.

How to tag videos that aren’t of interest to you on TikTok

The social network also allows you to flag which content does not interest you on the platform. To do this, tap and hold the screen while watching a video, until an option box appears. Then select the “Not Interested” option to prevent similar videos from showing in the feed.

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