How to take a break from someone on facebook

For your own well-being on the social network, it is important to know how to take a break from someone on Facebook. This feature helps reduce exposure to a specific profile, limits displayed content, and allows you to change privacy settings with that person.

The function to take a break from a person includes less stringent alternatives than blocking a contact or deleting them from your friend list, for example. Also, when changing your relationship status to single, divorced or blank, the social network applies some of these changes. Here’s how to take a break from someone on Facebook!

How to take a break on facebook

  1. Open Facebook (Android | iOS) and access the profile of the chosen person. Then tap the “Friends” button;
  2. In the list of options, select “Take a break”;
  3. Then Facebook will display all available settings to pause and reduce the appearances of that profile in your feed.

To access the function on the computer, open Enter the name of the profile in question to access the same options displayed on mobile.

What can be done when taking a break from someone on Facebook

When using the function, Facebook offers different features to limit privacy, see fewer posts from the person involved and even change the visibility of previous posts. Here’s what settings can be changed:

  • See Less: With this setting, you can only see updates from the person when accessing their profile. When you choose to limit, this change removes any posts from the person in your feed and does not display questions to tag them in photos or send messages. On this screen, it is also possible to delete or lock the profile;
  • Limit what the person can see: In this case, you can add the profile to your restricted list. That way, the person will not be able to see your publications with the privacy limited to their friends on Facebook;
  • Edit who can see past posts: This option allows you to change the privacy of posts that contain your and the other person’s profile. In this case, only people tagged in these contents can view them. In addition, it is also possible to remove mutual posts on the timeline.

These changes apply to Facebook only. In the case of Messenger, it is necessary to access the chat window to find privacy settings. It is possible, for example, to block the contact and still archive the conversation.

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