How to tag someone in TikTok videos

it is already possible tag a profile in TikTok videos. The feature is different from the well-known mentions, which add someone to your feed posts using that person’s username. In addition, the new style of markup gives greater prominence to the account added in the post.

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In this tutorial, the Haanga teaches you how to tag a person’s profile or tag in a TikTok post. The function has already started to be released for the version of the application for Android and iOS devices.

  1. Record your video on TikTok and tap “Next”;
  2. Tap on the “Tag People” option, just below the video description box;
  3. Search for the username or tag you want to add to the markup;
  4. After selecting the users, go to “Done”;
  5. Post your video on TikTok.

Has traditional TikTok tagging been removed?

While the new style of tagging highlights accounts that are added to a video, TikTok has retained the option to mention accounts on the platform. It’s on the same “@ Mention” button inside the video description box.

Can I edit people tagged in a video?

Yes. Even after posting the video to your profile, TikTok allows you to make changes to the people tagged in the content. It’s also worth remembering that tagged users can remove themselves from your posts.

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