How to share tweets in Instagram Stories

Sharing tweets on Instagram Stories became a common practice among users that, behind the scenes, was more complicated than it looked. This is because the user needed to capture the post and, only then, publish the image on the neighboring social network. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to carry out this process “mechanically”, as Twitter (Android l iOS l web) created a shortcut for this purpose.

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So, with a few clicks, users can share tweets directly to Stories. The shortcut, in addition to adding more practicality to Twitter, also resulted in a more complete experience for those who view the publication. After all, it’s not just a simple printscreenbut from a clickable link.

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How to share tweets in Instagram Stories

Step 1: Go to Twitter and find a post you want to share in Stories. In this case, it could be your own tweet or another user’s tweet. Then click the share button at the bottom of the post.

Step 2: from the available options, select “Instagram Stories”.

Step 3: at this point, your mobile phone may ask for confirmation. If you come across a dialog box like the one shown in the screenshot below, just grant the necessary permission.

Step 4: shortly thereafter, your device will display the Stories screen. With the help of the tools at the top of the page, edit the post as you prefer. To publish it, tap the “Your Stories” button located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Ready! Now you know how to share tweets in Instagram Stories.

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