How to share on Instagram | Privacy Guide

A lot of people know how to share on Instagram, but not all content can be published by privacy settings. As such, feed posts and Stories made by some accounts cannot be shared through your profile.

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The most common way to share on Instagram is through Stories. However, no posts from a private account’s feed can be shared to someone else’s Stories. Furthermore, even on public accounts, it is also possible to limit what can be shared by third parties. Here’s how to share on Instagram and the necessary privacy adjustments!

How to share Instagram post (feed) in Stories

Feed posts, IGTV videos and public account Reels can be shared to your own Story. In this case, you can see the username of the account that made the original content and an access icon for that post. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open an Instagram post and tap the arrow icon, used for sharing;
  2. In the next window, you can choose to send it to a person by message or add it to your Stories. Tap the highlighted part to advance;
  3. Finally, edit the Story to your liking and publish it.

How to prevent your posts from being shared in Stories

Even with a public account, some feed and IGTV posts cannot be shared to Stories by others. This is because there is a setting that allows you to block this feature. By default, all accounts allow sharing, but there is a simple way to change it:

  1. Open your profile in the Instagram app, tap the icon with three bars and select “Settings”;
  2. Then select the “Privacy” tab;
  3. On the next screen, go to “Story”;
  4. In the settings, disable the option “Allow sharing to story”. You can also opt out of sharing your posts via direct messages.

How to share someone else’s Stories on Instagram

To share someone else’s Story on your Instagram, their profile must be tagged in the post. When there’s a mention of your account, Instagram sends you a notification through the app. Then you can open the conversation in Direct and share the post to your Stories. Know how:

  1. Open your Instagram message list and select the conversation with the mention notification;
  2. Then tap on the “Add to your Story” icon.
  3. The Story editing screen will open and you can make changes before publishing from your profile.

How to share someone else’s stories via message

You can still send Stories from public accounts as a message via Instagram. In this case, tap the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen, choose a contact and select “Send”. It is not possible to share to your own Stories without your profile being tagged.

How to know who shared my photo on Instagram

Instagram does not allow you to find out which profiles have shared your photo in Stories or messages. However, in professional accounts on the platform, it is possible to access the insights of each publication and check how many times this photo was shared, even without showing the profiles.

In that case, follow the steps below. It is important to remember that, before that, you need to change your Instagram account to a professional account.

  1. Go to your profile in the Instagram app and open a specific post. Then tap the “View Insights” button;
  2. Instagram will display some engagement data with your post, including the number of shares, signaled by the arrow icon. You can also scroll down to find more detailed data.

How do I share someone else’s Instagram post to my own feed?

There is no built-in Instagram feature to repost other people’s posts to your feed. Some apps may promise this function, but Instagram has a history of taking down accounts that are linked to unofficial apps that perform actions on the network. Therefore, it is best to avoid these options.

There are some alternatives: you can save the video or photo and then publish, for example. In addition, Instagram also allows you to create collaborative posts between public accounts.

What happens when sharing posts on other social networks

Instagram also lets you share your new posts on other networks like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. In such cases, the content is displayed on the respective networks and meets your account privacy settings on each platform.

So if your Instagram account is private, but you shared it on a public Facebook account, people who follow your Facebook profile will be able to view and access the link to the original Instagram post. When opening the link to your Instagram, on the other hand, the publication is only visible to your followers on the social network.

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