How to sell on Instagram | Practical Guide

Starting to sell on Instagram can be a great way to bring your business to social media. Nowadays, starting an online store is an increasingly accessible reality thanks to the professional tools that are available on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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In this way, it is possible to approach new customers and create a great relationship through networks such as Instagram. However, even though these tools are free, many people are in doubt about: “How to sell on Instagram?”. In this article, see a practical guide on how to start selling on the social network!

What are the requirements to sell on Instagram?

To start selling on Instagram, you must have a website or a catalog of physical products registered with Facebook Business. This tool is essential for trades on the social network, you can do it for free through the “Trade Manager” panel. In addition, you also need to convert your account into a professional one on Instagram. In short, these are the main requirements:

  • Sell ​​a physical product;
  • Have a professional account;
  • Register your store and catalog to Facebook Business;
  • Represent your company and domain on the social network;
  • Comply with Meta (Facebook) company policies.

Turn your account into a pro on Instagram

To start selling on Instagram, the kick-off is to convert your business profile into a professional account, see how to do it in the next few lines:

  1. Access your “Profile”;
  2. Tap on “Menu”;
  3. Then select “Settings”;
  4. Once this is done, open the “Account” category;
  5. Select the option “Switch to professional account”;
  6. Then tap “Continue”;
  7. Check the “Company” option to add a business style account;
  8. Finally, select the category that best fits your business.

All in all, this change allows you to view growth stats and gain access to Instagram’s “Pro Dashboard”.

Manage your store from the Facebook Business dashboard

If you do not yet have a commercial website, you can register your products online on Facebook Business through the page Commerce Manager. Check the next lines:

  1. Go to the Commerce Manager (Web) page and click “Get Started”;
  2. Check the option “Create a store” and click on “Start”;
  3. Click “Next”. If you use a Facebook partner platform like Shopify, BigCommerce or others, click “Sync a partner platform”;
  4. Then, choose the checkout method;
  5. Then select the sales channels, i.e. your Facebook or Instagram pages;
  6. Once this is done, create a product catalog and finish the process;
  7. To add new items to your catalog, access the “Catalog” tab on the left menu, click “Add items” and manually fill in your product information.

Connect your Facebook page to Instagram

If you have a Facebook page, you can easily link it to your professional profile, this can help you find catalogs and products already registered. See how to do it:

  1. Tap “Edit Profile”;
  2. Select the “Page” option;
  3. Once this is done, you can select whether you want to “Create a Facebook page” or “Connect an existing page”;
  4. With everything right, just tap on “Sign in to Facebook” to link your page to your profile.

Add your store on Instagram account

  1. In “Profile”, tap “Add store”;
  2. Click on “Start”;
  3. Then tap on “Connect Facebook Account”;
  4. Then, select the previously added product catalog and click “Next”;
  5. Once this is done, insert a link to your website or Facebook page;
  6. Finally, check the details and then tap on “Submit for review”.
  7. Your store will be reviewed by the Instagram team. It is worth remembering that the response may take a few minutes or even a day.

Make shoppable posts about your products

After approval, you can start selling and creating product posts on Instagram. Here’s how to create a business post:

  1. In your “Profile”, tap on “Settings”;
  2. Access the “Companies” tab and select the “Store” category;
  3. Then you will be able to view all your registered products;
  4. Normally create a publication and, before finalizing it, click on the “Mark products” option, which is now available;
  5. Then just mark one of the products listed in your store;
  6. With everything right, just tap on “Share Post” to place a product on the timeline.

So, you can also bet on sharing photos and videos of your product. With these tips, it’s easier to bring your business to Instagram. Did you like this article? Share these tips with your friends!

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