How to Check Most Played Songs On Spotify

Anyone who loves to listen to music always has a “pet playlist”, or a sound that doesn’t come out on repeat, right? Sometimes this happens especially with novelties when we find new songs and they end up “sticking” in memory during the week. So naturally, these songs end up on our Spotify playlists.

On the streaming service, you can find out what your most listened-to songs are in two ways — through the website Spotify Stats or from the playlist No Repeat. Also, it is not necessary to have a Spotify Premium subscription to enjoy these features. See how to do it!

On Spotify Stats

  1. Access the Spotify Stats website (Web);
  2. Log into your Spotify account;
  3. Then, you can generate data on your most listened artists, songs and genres by clicking on the categories;
  4. By accessing “Top Tracks”, you can find out which songs you have listened to the most in the last weeks, months and all the time since you started using streaming.

No Repeat

  1. Access the Spotify app (Android | iOS);
  2. Tap the “Search” icon;
  3. Look for the “No Repeat” playlist with the “Made for you” sticker;
  4. This playlist gathers the songs you’ve been listening to the most according to Spotify’s algorithm, you can save it to your library by clicking “Like” (heart icon).

How Spotify shows the most played songs

The algorithm considers several factors in addition to the number of plays. These other factors are: if the user usually moves on to the next song, if he added himself to a playlist, and if he listened to it on consecutive days, among others. So you can more accurately detect if you are becoming a big fan of Dua Lipafor example.

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