How to schedule Instagram posts with Canva Pro

Canva (Android l iOS l Web) is an image and video editor that has gained the attention of many Instagram users as it offers post templates aimed at the social network. And, in the paid version (called Canva Pro), there is an additional asset: you can schedule posts in Feed.

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To use the functionality and other exclusive features of the subscription, it is necessary to pay BRL 34.90 for the monthly plan or BRL 289.90 for the annual plan. Fortunately, the image editor offers a 14-day free trial period. The user also needs to have a professional or business account on Instagram that is linked to a Facebook page.

If you don’t know where to start, here’s how to change your account type on the social network and connect it to a page on the neighboring platform. Only with these steps completed will it be possible to schedule publications through Canva Pro. Check out how to do the process below!

How to schedule Instagram posts with Canva Pro

Step 1: go to Canva and open the editor menu. To do so, click on the three-dash button in the lower right corner.

Step 2: then select the “Content Planner” tab.

Step 3: on the next screen, choose the day of publication. Then decide whether to use a saved file or create a new design.

Step 4: then select the three-dot button to set a time, then click “Select a channel”.

Step 5: Through Canva Pro, it is possible to schedule publications on various social networks, such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and even on Weibo, a Chinese platform. To schedule posts on Instagram, choose the “Instagram for Business” option.

Step 6: Now click “Connect via Facebook” and enter your account credentials to login.

Step 8: Choose the Instagram account you want to link to Canva.

Step 9: then choose a Facebook page.

Step 10: to finish this step, customize the editor permissions and tap “Finish”.

Step 11: then select the Instagram account where the image will be posted.

Step 12: to finish, create a caption and tap “Schedule Post”.

Ready! Now you know how to schedule Instagram posts with Canva Pro.

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