How to save TikTok videos

Want to save TikTok videos on your phone and don’t know how? The process, while simple, is not very intuitive. By the way, it is interesting that every user knows how to do it; after all, this is the only way to not miss interesting content you find on the social network.

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Unlike Instagram, TikTok (Android l iOS l Web) does not allow you to save videos on the platform itself for later viewing. Incidentally, although it gathers all the publications liked, the application does not offer mechanisms to organize or filter content. As a result, you are likely to eventually lose sight of the clip.

  1. To save TikTok videos, open the app and click the share button on the right of the screen. On iPhone, it is represented by the WhatsApp icon. On Android phones, it may appear as an arrow;
  2. Then just select the “Save Video” command. At the end of the download, the content will be displayed in your gallery.

Although it’s a two-click process, many users don’t realize that the option to download content can be hidden behind the WhatsApp icon. The most natural thing is to think that the button is only for shares.

By the way, since we’ve touched on this subject, it’s worth noting that some Android devices automatically download the clip when the user tries to send it through the messenger. In this case, the video can be viewed in the conversation, without the need to access an external link. This would be a secondary way of saving TikTok videos.

On iPhone, the user has two options: send the video or just the link. To use the first option, you need to click on the “WhatsApp Status” button — whose main purpose is precisely to allow sharing in the status of the messenger.

With the access link, the user can also download the content. In fact, this is the only method that works in the web version; but nothing prevents you from using it on your cell phone — fortunately, this will only be necessary if the app’s download button suffers from a problem.

  1. Access TikTok on your computer, enter the video you want to download and on the right side of the screen, click on the “Copy link” command;
  2. To download it, you will need a dedicated website. In this tutorial, we will use SnapTik, but there are several other options. Paste the web address in the indicated field, wait for the processing and tap the download button.

In addition to the suggested site, you can also resort to names like SSSTikTok;; and TikMate. By the way, through this method, it is possible to circumvent the insistent watermark of TikTok. It is worth noting, however, that these pages can disappear from the Web at any time because they are unofficial.

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