How to save photos from Instagram

If you saw that funny meme or a beautiful photo and you don’t want to lose it, learn how to save Instagram photos and easily access them in the future, without needing another app or website. That’s because the social network has a great native function to save memories.

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The photo save function doesn’t stop there, allowing the user to create theme-based photo collections. The user has full control over these creations, who can name and add information about what he adds to his gallery. See how to save and create collections below.

How to save photos on Instagram

You can save photos either through the Instagram app (Android | iOS) or through your computer’s browser. Check out how below!

On the cellphone

  1. Open the application and select the photo you want to save;
  2. Click on the icon below the image to add it to “Saved”;
  3. Go to your profile, click on the icon in the upper right corner and go to “Saved”;
  4. Go to “All Posts” and the photo you saved will be here.

on the computer

Access the official Instagram website from your browser, log in to your account and see how to save photos below.

  1. Open the photo you want to save;
  2. Click on the icon below the image to add it to “Saved”;
  3. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and go to “Saved”;
  4. Images will then appear.

The function is easier to be done by cell phone, since access is much easier, just two or three taps, but if you are using the PC it is also possible. If you want to know how to save Instagram videos, check out the tutorial we prepared recently

How to create photo collections on Instagram

Taking advantage of accessing the profile to see the saved photos, let’s talk about creating photo collections. See below.

On the cellphone

  1. In “All posts” click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner and tap on “Select”;
  2. Choose the photos you want and tap “Add to Collection”;
  3. Add to an existing one or create a new one by creating the “+” icon;
  4. Tap on “Create guide” if you want to add information to a certain image, if not, just go back and your photos will already be saved.

on the computer

The process on the computer is very close to the cell phone, so just access the saved photos and follow the steps below!

  1. In “Saved” click on “New collection;
  2. Give it a name and go ahead;
  3. Select the images you want and click “Finish”.

Ready! That way the user can save the images. The practicality of the cell phone allows you to do this from anywhere, but it is also possible from the computer.

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