How to save Instagram Stories with music

O Instagram has a feature that saves the Stories created in your account in the cell phone gallery. However, there is still no native function for save Instagram Stories with music. Fortunately, some alternatives manage to circumvent this limitation. One of them is StorySaver.

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StorySaver is a free website that allows you to paste Instagram Stories links and save them even if there is background music. The page can be accessed from any browser on PC and Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile phones.

Learn how to save Instagram Stories with music below. There is no need to download any programs or extensions to use the StorySaver platform.

How to download Stories with music on Instagram

For this example, we are using the Instagram app on mobile. But remembering once again that the procedure is the same if you are going to save Instagram Stories with music from the computer.

  1. Access the “” page (without quotes) from the browser on PC or mobile;
  2. In the “Enter instagram account username” field, enter your Instagram username;
  3. Tap “Download” and check the box “I am not a robot”;
  4. When the page loads, find the Stories with music you want to save;
  5. Select “Save as video” or “Save as photo”, just below the media;
  6. The media will open in a new page. Right click on it to save it (on PC) or tap the download/download button (on mobile).

My profile is locked. Can I save Instagram Stories?

No. The StorySaver website only supports public Instagram profiles.

Why can’t I see my Stories for download?

StorySaver only shows Stories that have been published in the last 24 hours or that have been featured on the user’s profile. Media in the “Archived Items” section of Instagram that are not featured in profile highlights do not appear for download.

Can I save Stories from other profiles on Instagram?

Yes. If the profile is public, you can download Stories from any Instagram account.

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