How to save Facebook videos

Today we will talk about how to save Facebook videos. Sometimes we see a thumbnail of a video and we think we might like it, but we will only be able to see it later, so we don’t lose the content, the social network allows us to save and access it whenever we want, from wherever we want.

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In addition to saving, Facebook creates collections so you can collaborate with others. Check below how to save and create these collections for you and your friends.

How to save Facebook videos

Access the Facebook application (Android | iOS) and follow below how to save the videos you want on the social network

  1. Find the video you want to save and, with it open, click on the icon in the upper right corner;
  2. Click “Save Video”;
  3. Choose the “Favorites” folder or create a custom one in “New collection”;
  4. If you choose to create one, name it and click “Create”.

There is also the possibility to download videos from Facebook, in case you want to save them on your cell phone or computer.

How to view and configure saved Facebook videos

By default, Facebook leaves created Video Collections as private, but the user can add users to collaborate. In addition, it is possible to modify the name of the Collection, edit or delete the videos, or the folder. See below how.

  1. Access your profile by clicking on the three risks in the upper right corner;
  2. Scroll down and click on “Saved”;
  3. The latest videos will appear above and Collections below. Click on one of them;
  4. Access the settings by clicking on the three dots icon;
  5. Configure the saved videos and collections the way you want.

Ready! So you can save and configure your videos and collections directly from Facebook.

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