How to resize a photo to fit on WhatsApp

Took that perfect photo for WhatsApp (Android | iOS), but it’s bigger than the maximum size allowed? Don’t worry, there is a way to change the size to use it. Below we show you how to resize a photo to fit in WhatsApp.

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How to resize a photo to fit on WhatsApp

This process is not native to WhatsApp, so it is necessary to use a separate application to do the resizing. The bright side is that it exists as a through-app, InFrame (Android | iOS). It is possible to resize, but also other edits.

Select the correct format in InFrame

Open the app and select the photo you want to use for your profile. Once you choose, several format options will be presented at the top of the screen, select the circular and click.

Adjust image for WhatsApp

To adjust the image, just make the movement of “pinch” with your fingers until it is all in the format. It’s the app’s default to leave the background white, but for a nicer finish, click on “Background” and select “Blur”, the first icon. Finish the process and now just change the WhatsApp photo.

Ready! That way you can change the photo to the one you want directly from your cell phone.

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