How to repost on Instagram

If you’ve come to this article, you probably don’t know how to repost on Instagram. Lucky for you, the process is quite simple. And, for those unfamiliar with the social network, there is always room for a more detailed explanation.

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Before proceeding, however, it is worth remembering that the platform has different publication formats. As a result, the ways of sharing are also different.

With the intention of including as many formats as possible, the Haanga teaches you how to repost posts from Feed, Stories, Reels, IGTV, and even the often overlooked Collections.

The most natural way to do this is to send the post to your Stories (you’ll see other options later). Incidentally, the process is a cake recipe for almost all Instagram formats (Android | iOS | Web). In some cases, the process is not only identical, but also the position of the share button.

How to share Feed posts

1. To repost Feed photos and videos, scroll to the bottom of the post. To the right of the like and comment buttons will be an arrow icon. Click on it;

2. Next, you will see a window that allows you to add the post to Stories or send it as a direct message to your contacts. Select the first option;

3. Finally, edit the post and share it with your followers.

How to repost Reels and IGTV on Instagram

  1. Reels and IGTV formats share the same process. To make a repost, access the content and, in the lower right corner of the screen, tap the arrow icon;
  2. Now, follow the same path as in the previous step.

How to repost collections on Instagram

  1. Collections are only displayed in the creator’s account. Because of this, you must access the profile and click on the newspaper icon to see posts in this format;
  2. Choose a post to share and at the top of the screen find the repost button. After that, decide whether to send the post to your Stories or to a friend via DM.

How to use Instagram Collabs

Collabs, although they are more used in the famous “publis”, is an interesting resource to repost on Instagram. With this tool, any user can share content in Feed and invite someone else to participate.

If the invitation is accepted, the same post will be published on both accounts. If you found it interesting, see how to make a collaborative post on Instagram.

How to repost on Instagram without using Stories

To repost on Instagram without using Stories, the path is completely different. Here, the user needs to copy the post link, download it and make a post from scratch. This also goes for reposts from Stories you weren’t tagged in, as they don’t have a native share button.

Fortunately, the Haanga has a series of tutorials that teach you how to download Instagram posts. If you follow this path, remember to give proper credit to whoever created the content.

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You are likely to find some tutorials that recommend repost apps. This is a dangerous tip. It is not uncommon for Instagram to take down accounts that use unofficial apps to carry out actions on the platform. So if any external app asks you to “log in with Instagram”, run for the hills.

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