How to remove TikTok watermark

Want to download a video but don’t know how remove TikTok watermark? This is a challenge for many users of the social network. That’s because, unlike Instagram, the platform has no download loopholes.

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When creating a Reels, for example, a download button is displayed at the top of the screen. Luckily for users, the clip downloaded at the moment doesn’t come with any logo. This only occurs when downloading an already published video.

In addition to TikTok not offering such a facility, there is an aggravating factor: the icon is mobile. For this reason, users find it more difficult to censor it with some kind of montage. As a result, there is only one way out. To remove the watermark from TiKTok (Android l iOS l Web), you have to resort to external download sites.

1. To start the user must copy the video link. This applies to both third-party videos and own content. On your computer, select the “Copy Link” command on the right of the screen. From the app, tap the share icon (represented by an arrow on iOS or the WhatsApp icon on Android);

2. Now go to a dedicated download site. In this tutorial, we will use SnapTik, but there are several alternatives. Paste the web address in the indicated field, wait for the processing and tap the download button.

In addition to the suggested website, you can resort to options like SSSTikTok;; and TikMate. But be aware: because they are unofficial, these pages can disappear from the web at any time.

It is important that you know that this entire process can be done directly from the computer, as shown in the screenshots, or from the cell phone. In the latter case, however, iPhone users may face difficulties because of the more restricted operating system.

The act of removing the TikTok watermark is necessary for anyone who wants to recycle videos posted on another social network. That’s because, on competing platforms (especially Instagram), the performance of clips with the logo drops dramatically. This is a way to bypass the algorithm and share content without further loss.

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