How to recover deleted WhatsApp audios

Knowing how to recover deleted WhatsApp audios is extremely crucial, especially if you have lost a very important message or voice file. But don’t despair! Know that this can be done easier than it looks.

Recovery can be done in two ways, both using your cell phone. So, learn how to recover deleted audio from WhatsApp, regardless of whether it is lost on your phone or has already been removed from your device. Check out the step-by-step below!

How to recover deleted WhatsApp audios

If you muted the audio but not the conversation

The easiest way to recover deleted audio on WhatsApp is through the conversation in which the audio was sent or forwarded. Just make sure that the chat in question is still saved on your smartphone, and then download the file back to your device.

The following procedure applies to Android and iPhone (iOS).

  1. Open the WhatsApp private or group conversation and tap on the top corner;
  2. Click on “Media, links and docs”;
  3. Under “Media”, look for the audio files. On Android, they appear with the “headphone” icon, while on the iPhone there is a “sound wave” symbol;
  4. Open the audio, tap the “Three dots”, select “Share” and save the audio to Google Drive or other cloud service.

If you deleted the audio and conversation

If you have deleted both the conversation and the audios from WhatsApp, one solution is to consult the media files saved in your phone’s memory. Keep in mind that this feature is only available on Android.

The smartphone has an internal folder in which it saves all the media files that pass through the device, separating these contents according to the application. If you have deleted the WhatsApp conversation, it is possible to find the audio in a folder that bears the name of the messenger, although the work to find a specific audio is longer.

  1. Open Google Files (Android) and tap “Internal Storage”;
  2. Locate the “WhatsApp” folder and open it;
  3. Tap “Media” and then “WhatsApp Audio”;
  4. Then find the audio you want to recover. Remember to look in the “Sent” folder if it was an audio you sent.

If you prefer, use an action manager on WhatsApp

Another alternative to recover deleted audio from WhatsApp is to use third-party apps to find out exactly what may have been deleted from the messenger. Notification History, available for Android, is one such option.

The tool archives the actions that occur on the cell phone, and has a specific function for WhatsApp. As soon as the app is installed, it starts recording actions and informs you when a file is deleted. It’s an interesting helper if you don’t want to miss anything important.

  1. Download Notification History (Android);
  2. Authorize access permissions to notifications and storage;
  3. On the home screen, tap the “Three lines” icon in the upper left corner and go to “WhatsApp Monitoring”;
  4. All actions done on WhatsApp will be saved on this screen. This includes audio that may have been deleted;
  5. Locate the message notification that you’ve deleted — this may take a while;
  6. Tap “Voice Message” and then play the file to save it to mobile.

Activate the backup of your WhatsApp conversations

Natively, WhatsApp allows you to backup your conversations, leaving them in the cloud in case you need to format your phone. Be sure to always leave the feature on, so that all your conversations and media are saved in the cloud, even if the device suffers from storage losses.

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