How to recover deleted Instagram messages

Learn how to recover deleted Instagram messages if you accidentally deleted some conversations, or to clean up your profile. The process is done directly by the application through a request to retrieve the data.

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This process allows you to recover many files, not only messages, but also stories, searches and others. However, if you have blocked a contact, the messages will not be recovered as it is deleted by the system for both parties.

This step by step is divided into two parts, the first done by the application, the second is done by the computer. Check it out below!

How to recover deleted Instagram messages

Go to Instagram (Android | iOS) and check out the step by step below.

  1. Access your profile and click on the drop-down menu to access “Settings”;
  2. Then tap on “Security”;
  3. In the “Data and history” tab, tap “Download data”;
  4. Choose the email in which you want to receive the file and tap “Request download”;
  5. Enter your password and that’s it, the request is done.

The process, however, is not automatic, and it may take up to 48 hours for the user to receive the recovered messages in their email. If you can’t find them in the main box, check Spam for them.

How to open recovered Instagram messages

When you receive the link, be sure to open it within 4 days, after which the link expires and the process needs to be repeated. Download the file on your computer, as the information is received in HTML and opened directly in the browser, making it easier to access there. Check it out below.

  1. Open your email and click on “Download information”;
  2. You will be taken to a new tab where you need to enter your username and password;
  3. Click on “Download information” and wait for the download to finish;
  4. Go to the “Downloads” folder on your computer and extract the zipped file;
  5. When you enter the folder, find “Messages” and enter;
  6. Select a conversation you want to retrieve and double tap to open it in your browser.

Ready! Now you already know how to download your information and messages exchanged on the social network and also how to access them through your browser.

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