How to recover a Facebook if I forgot my email and registration password

After all, how to recover Facebook if I forgot email and password? If you are in this situation, be aware that there are numerous ways to regain access to your account. Therefore, if you are not successful in the first alternative, you can resort to the other methods.

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To get started, we recommend that you try to recover your password. In a previous article, we taught you how to find your Facebook password. Many users don’t know, but cell phones, browsers and even Windows can have this information stored.

How to recover facebook by phone number

If that doesn’t work for you, go to the Facebook recovery page. This is the ideal solution for those who have a phone number registered in their account; but it also goes for people who are willing to test every email until they find the right one.

1. On the home screen, search for the username (or enter, one by one, all your emails);

2. Among the profiles displayed in the sequence, select yours;

3. Choose the option “Send code by SMS” and then perform verification to recover the password. If you do not have a number registered in your account or have lost access to it, click on the option “No more access?”;

4. On the next page, choose the “I can’t access my email” button;

5. After that, enter a new email address and confirm. You can change it later, but until then, it will be the main one and the other addresses will be removed;

6. Finally, enter your full name and submit an identification document, such as RG or passport. After that, you will receive an email to complete the process.

Assuming that doesn’t solve your problem, know that it’s possible to recover Facebook without email, password or even phone. But, before proceeding, a warning: you may be mistaken in thinking that you forgot your credentials. After all, they may have changed.

When accounts on social networks are hacked, criminals often change login and registration information. Thus, they prevent holders from retrieving their profiles and stopping the action. So, be sure to try the method that we explained in the tutorial on how to recover a hacked or hacked Facebook. By this way, you can change the password from some confirmations.

How to recover facebook without any credentials

If you’ve made it this far, there’s a chance you won’t be able to get your Facebook back. But, before handing over the chips, test this last solution, which consists of using the profile of family or friends to regain access.

Well, to start you must find the account on the social network. But without the email, phone or name that are linked to the account, how to do that? The answer is simpler than it seems. The trick is to access shared photos, shared posts and, above all, messages exchanged between your friend’s profile and yours.

This may take some time, but after a dedicated search, you are sure to succeed. With the account in hand, you can start the last phase of this battle. To do so, enter the profile and follow the instructions below.

1. Under the cover photo, find and select the three-dot button. Then click on “Get support or report profile”;

2. Among the available options, select “Another thing” and proceed;

3. Finally, click on the command “Recover this account” and follow the instructions on the page.

Still not able to recover your Facebook? Even if your chances are slim, they do exist. So call the platform support and tell us what happened. When submitting your request or message, remember to enter all the information you have about that account to confirm that it’s really yours.

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