How to Add WhatsApp on Apple Watch

Who owns an Apple Watch and keeps notifications on, you may have already noticed that messages received on your iPhone, whether they are from conversations or from groups that are not muted, arrive with an enormous frequency on the watch on your wrist.

Faced with an incoming message, the official WhatsApp app of iOS provides some useful options for interacting with her, such as suggestions for ready-made answers, transcribed messages by voice, or sending emojis, for when you need to answer something urgent and you don’t have your cell phone in hand at the moment.

But we go beyond the native possibilities of the official iOS WhatsApp app: with third-party applications, it is possible to view your conversations and groups, send messages without necessarily being replies from another received, record and send audios, and even open a keyboard in the small device screen to type your message, all directly from your Apple smartwatch.

Use WhatsApp Natively on Apple Watch

Below are all possible interactions with the official WhatsApp iOS app:

  • View messages received from an unmuted conversation or group;
  • Mute incoming messages on the watch for 1 hour or for the day;
  • Reply to a message by sending ready-made response suggestions;
  • Reply to a message by sending a text transcript by voice;
  • Reply to a message by sending emojis;
  • Reply to a message by typing on the iPhone keyboard.

Using WhatsApp on Apple Watch with Third-Party Apps

With third-party apps, among which apps are recommended W-Chat Pro for WhatsApp and WatchsApp for WhatsAppthere are many more possibilities to interact with WhatsApp on your watch.

However, as is to be expected in these cases, there are premium features, exclusive to paid versions of the applications. It is recommended to try the free versions before making any purchase decisions.

As an example of the new possibilities available through third-party apps, check out all the possible interactions with the app below. W-Chat Pro for WhatsApp:

  • View conversations and groups listed in chronological order;
  • Enter and view messages from conversations and groups;
  • Pin a conversation or group to the top of the app screen;
  • Send a message by audio recording;
  • Send a message by typing on the app’s keyboard, on the Apple Watch screen itself;
  • Send a message by sending a text transcript by voice;
  • Send a message by sending emojis;
  • Send a message by typing on the iPhone keyboard.

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