How to put two photos in the same Instagram Stories

Instagram has its own features for put two photos in the same Stories. One of them is the Layout tool, which was previously available as a separate application, but has now been integrated into the editor of the social network’s own app. Layout allows you to include up to four images from the camera or gallery in the same Story, dividing the screen space equally for each content.

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If you want to create a collage with one image smaller than the other, you can use the Stories photo sticker. Finally, for generating framed compositions, third-party apps like StoryChic are an alternative. See, below, the step-by-step guide to combine two photos in the same Stories in each app.

First, using Instagram Layout to join two photos in the same Stories:

  1. Open Instagram (Android | iOS) and swipe left to access the Stories creator;
  2. In the left corner of the screen, tap the “Layout” icon;
  3. Then tap the frame icon to choose from different options, including templates for two photos;
  4. Press the shutter icon to take pictures with your phone’s camera or select an image from your gallery with the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen;
  5. When filling the Story with the two images, tap the icon at the bottom and proceed to publish it to your profile.

Now, using the sticker to place two images on Instagram Stories:

  1. Open the Stories editor and insert a photo or video. Then tap the stickers icon to open the library;
  2. Look for an icon with a “+” symbol to insert a new photo;
  3. The app will display your most recent images. Tap on one of them to add it to the Story;
  4. Position and resize the photo however you like. To change the frame, just tap on the sticker.

To create Stories with two photos and frames, it is necessary to use apps developed by third parties, such as StoryChic (Android | iOS). The application provides an extensive catalog of customizable templates distributed among different themes. See how to assemble your images in the app and export them to Instagram!

  1. Download StoryChic, open the app and choose from one of the templates on the home screen. Models marked with a crown icon are limited to the paid version;
  2. Open the editing screen of one of the templates and tap on the frames to add your photos;
  3. After inserting your photos, tap the down arrow icon to download or export the image;
  4. Select the option “Share Story to Instagram” to share your image in the Stories editor of the social network.

It is also possible to access other editing features of Stories before publication, such as the use of filters, texts, brushes and stickers.

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