How to Put the Invite Code in Kwai

It is necessary to know how to put the invitation code in the Kwai to participate in platform promotions and benefits. The short videos app allows you to earn money from new accounts created and linked with a six-digit invite code.

In this way, both the person who is invited and the person invited can earn Kwai Golds by accessing the platform daily. The bonus is increased when, in addition to the daily check-in, the invited person also watches at least three minutes of videos a day. See the step by step to enter the code!

How to put the invite code in Kwai

  1. Create a profile on Kwai. You can register with your cell phone number and with Facebook or Google accounts;
  2. In the app (Android | iOS), go to your profile and tap on the coin icon located at the top of the screen. It is also possible to access the same space with the Kwai Golds drop-down icon, displayed during video playback;
  3. On the next screen, enter the code in the highlighted field and tap “Confirm” to link your account.

When logging into Kwai, each user has up to 72 hours to enter an invite code. It is not possible to link the same account with more than one number.

How to share your invite code on Kwai

After creating your account, you will receive your own invitation code. This six-digit numerical combination can be shared with friends who do not yet have a profile on the platform, earning Kwai Golds after the link and with each daily access. See the step by step to use the code:

  1. Follow the previous path. On the same screen where you entered the invite code, tap “Copy” to add the number to your clipboard or share it directly on apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. Tap “Invite” to see more information;
  2. On the next screen, you can view the conditions to earn the maximum amount in Kwai Golds in this promotional action. In addition, when scrolling down, the contacts that created accounts using your invite code are displayed.

What are Kwai Golds?

Kwai Golds are the app’s virtual currency. You can earn coins by watching videos, tapping bonus icons, completing daily quests, and inviting new people to the app. On the platform, 10,000 Kwai Golds correspond to R$ 1. The amount can be used to redeem a cell phone recharge or withdraw it through a Pix transfer.

Who can participate in Kwai Golds promotions?

Kwai’s promotional actions have some rules: to participate, you must reside in Brazil, be over 18 years of age and have a valid CPF. After each access, the balance is available for withdrawal for up to 30 days. So that the value does not expire, the user needs to perform new access to the account.

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