How to put signature in Outlook

Outlook (Android | iOS | Web), formerly known as Hotmail, is a webmail platform that, among other features, offers integration with various services and platforms, such as Microsoft 365, Office Online, OneDrive, Skype and many more. others.

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Similar to other email providers, Microsoft’s service also allows its users to create signatures, adding contact information such as phone, email or even your company logo – something that ends up making communication very professional.

If you want to put a signature in Outlook, know that this procedure can be done quickly and conveniently. Check out the step by step below!

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How to put signature in Outlook

Step 1: Through a web browser, access your Outlook account and click on the “Gear” icon in the upper right corner.

step 2: in the menu that opens then click on “View all Outlook settings”.

step 3: A new window will open, so click on “Compose and Reply”.

step 4: edit the text of your signature and use the menu shown in the image below to format it. Click on the “Image” icon to add your company logo.

step 5: if you want, check the options that allow you to automatically include the signature in new messages or in those that are forwarded. After completing the adjustments, click on “Save” and close the window.

step 6: Now, every time you go to write an email, the signature will be available at the bottom of the message. If you chose not to check the items mentioned in the previous step, click on the “Three dots” icon and select “Insert signature” to add it manually.

Ready! Now you can put signature in Outlook.

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