How to Put a Video on Facebook cover

In addition to classic photos, users can add videos to Facebook profile cover (Android l iOS l Web). The feature is not new, but it has gone through numerous changes. A few years ago, shortly after its release, it allowed you to upload any video within the resolution and size standards pre-established at that time.

The option now appears to be unavailable for most accounts, with the exception of a few business pages. Fortunately, users still have an alternative: to use videos provided by Facebook itself.

How to insert videos in Facebook cover

Just like the upload option, this function also seems unstable. While some users report that it is available in both the web and mobile versions, during this tutorial, only the app allowed placing videos on the Facebook cover.

In addition, the Haanga still caught numerous comments on social networks from users who claim not to have the option.

Edit profile or page cover

With the first step completed, go to your Facebook page or profile and click on the edit cover button, represented by the camera icon.

Choose artwork option

To find the videos made available by the social network, click on the command “Select artwork” in the small window that will appear on the screen.

Choose a video to put on the Facebook cover

Now, choose one of the files displayed in the social network’s collection. Videos are identified by the “Play” symbol positioned in the upper right corner of the image. As a curiosity, there are also 360º images in the selection. To complete the process, tap “Ok”, adjust the cover, and select the “Save” command.

If you have the option to upload videos, the process is a little different: select the button to edit the cover and then “Upload photo/video” or “Choose from Videos” to select a media already published. Adjust the file and click “Next”. If you want, activate the replay mode with the command “Automatically replay video in a loop” and finally tap on “Publish”.

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