How to put a link in Instagram Stories

if you want to know how to put link on instagramdon’t worry: unlike in the past, it is no longer necessary to have more than ten thousand followers or to use alternative methods to place links in Stories.

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The feature, available in sticker format, has become an alternative to the famous “Drag up”. And the best part is that it can be accessed by all accounts on the social network, regardless of the number of followers. Check below for more details!

  1. Open the Instagram app (Android l iOS l Web) and tap the “+” icon at the top;
  2. In the opened menu, select “Story”;
  3. Create the publication normally;
  4. Before proceeding, tap the “Sticker” icon on the top menu;
  5. In the opened menu, select “Link”;
  6. Copy and paste a link in the URL field — if you want, tap “Customize sticker text” so that it appears in place of the URL;
  7. After this step, tap on “Finish”;
  8. Adjust the sticker with the link to a location that is more convenient and share the Story on your profile.

Now that you know how to link on Instagram using the sticker feature in Stories, you can enjoy the benefits of the “Drag up” feature. Once the sticker has been published, your followers just tap on it to access the content.

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