How to post on Instagram from PC

It is very important to know how to post on Instagram by PC. In the past, this was only possible using other programs (Later, mLabs or Postgrain) or through a trick that allowed accessing the mobile version of the social network in the browser.

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Today, the process has changed, and it can now be done natively, without having to install anything. So, check out below how to create posts on PC, what the limitations of the platform are and even which browsers work best with Instagram (Android | iOS | Web)!

What is possible to post on Instagram from PC?

Although the tool is quite complete, it has some limitations when compared to the mobile app.

  • You can create feed posts with photos and videos;
  • The tool allows the creation of a carousel;
  • You can add filters, clippings, captions, locations, tags and hashtags;
  • It is not possible to edit an already published post;
  • You can not publish Stories, Reels or make live broadcasts by the PC;

Which browsers work best with Instagram?

It may not seem like it, but Instagram itself recommends some specific browsers with which you will have the best possible experience of the social network. Check what they are:

  • Google Chrome;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Safari;
  • Microsoft Edge.

How to post on Instagram from computer

  1. Access the Instagram website through the browser and click on the “+” icon in the upper right corner;
  2. Click “Select from computer” and upload a photo or video. Another option is to drag the file to the indicated location;
  3. Select your photo crop format — the options are “Original”, “Square”, “Portrait” or “Landscape”. If you want, click on the “Magnifying glass” icon and adjust the zoom of the image using the slider;
  4. Click the “Carousel” icon in the lower right corner to add more photos or videos or remove an item from the list;
  5. To publish a video, select the cover that will be displayed in the post, duration and even if the media has sound or not;
  6. After this step, click on “Next”;
  7. Then, choose the image filters — remembering that the options are the same as on the cell phone;
  8. In the “Adjustments” tab, you can edit attributes such as “Brightness”, “Contrast”, “Saturation”, “Temperature” and others;
  9. After this step, click on “Next”;
  10. Before proceeding to publish it, click on the image to tag profiles;
  11. Write a caption, using hashtags and even emojis. Add location, fill in accessibility information and comments;
  12. With the post ready, click “Share” to post to Instagram from PC.

Now you know exactly how to post photos to Instagram from PC.

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