How to post IGTV videos to Instagram feed

Instagram (Android l iOS l Web) has a rather complex algorithm. However, by combining practice and a little research, it is possible to understand some basic pillars and tricks to make publications more attractive to both the app and other users. One of those tricks is to post IGTV videos to your Instagram feed — which also goes for Reels. By doing this, the post is more likely to reach a larger number of people.

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The social network, it is worth noting, is very intuitive. However, its functions and tools are not always obvious. Knowing this, the Haanga decided to teach you how to post IGTV videos on Instagram feed. Check out the step by step below and boost your videos.

“New” IGTV

Before we get down to business, it’s important to remember that IGTV has undergone some major changes. Previously, the feature could be found within the app itself. However, Instagram found it more interesting to create an app dedicated to the format.

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In this way, content creators use a specific platform to create, edit and publish videos. While this isn’t necessarily new, many still think the feature is available in the Instagram app. Therefore, to carry out the steps of the tutorial, it is necessary that you have the program at hand.

How to post IGTV videos to Instagram feed

Step 1: access the IGTV app: Instagram Videos and click on the “+” icon located in the upper right corner;

Step 2: now create new content or add a video from your gallery by tapping the landscape icon in the lower left corner;

Step 3: to advance, select a clip lasting between 1 and 15 minutes;

Step 4: done that, tap the right arrow located at the bottom of the screen;

Step 5: between the frames of the video, choose one as a cover or add an image from your gallery. Then click “Next”;

Step 6: add a title to your IGTV and, if you want, a description. Before finalizing the post, locate the “Post a preview” section and enable the option. Now, click on “Post to IGTV”. With this, in addition to your video being displayed in the dedicated section, you will also have a preview of the content in the Instagram feed.

Ready! Now you know how to post IGTV videos to Instagram feed.

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