How to Pin a Post to your Facebook profile

Facebook (Android l iOS l Web) allows pinning posts to the timeline, although many users are not aware of this possibility. The feature, which is also available for pages, is ideal for highlighting important information and moments in the personal profile

Fortunately, the novelty has not only arrived in the application: it is also available in the computer version. The process, by the way, would be the same if it weren’t for the different interfaces of the platforms. But once you learn how to pin a post to your profile, you’ll be able to do it on any version of the social network. Follow the step by step below!

How to pin a post to your Facebook profile

Step 1: go to facebook and on the homepage select your profile icon. The button is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 2: if you have different accounts, or even Facebook pages, a home tab will be displayed. Through it, it is possible to move between the accesses easily. Click on your profile to proceed.

Step 3: to view the features and actions related to publishing, open the three-dot menu located at the far right of the screen.

Step 4: now click on the “Pin Post” command.

Step 5: finally, a notification that the process was successful will be displayed. To remove the post highlight, simply access the three-dot menu again and repeat the process.

Ready! Now you know how to pin a post to your Facebook profile.

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