How to Pin a Message On Telegram

Knowing how to pin a message on Telegram can be extremely crucial, especially if you want to keep some important or relevant text always-on display so that other members of the conversation don’t miss it.

Regardless of the reason, know that this can be done quickly and conveniently on your cell phone or PC, through the web version of the messenger. Check below for more details!

What are the requirements for pinning messages on Telegram

Anyone can pin a conversation to a group or private conversation. However, keep in mind that not everyone on a Telegram channel can pin a message — the feature is only available to admins.

  1. Access Telegram and open a channel;
  2. Tap his name in the top corner;
  3. In the member list, press the name of the person you want to grant privileges;
  4. In the pop-up that opens, click on “Promote to Administrator”;
  5. Tap the “Confirm” icon in the upper right corner.
  6. Once this is done, the person will be able to pin messages on Telegram to your channel.

How to pin telegram message on mobile

  1. Open a conversation on Telegram and tap on the desired message;
  2. In the menu that opens then select “Pin”;
  3. Then tap “Pin”. Uncheck the option “Notify all members”, if you do not want to send a notification to the members of the conversation;
  4. You can find the pinned message in the top corner, below the conversation name;
  5. To unpin it, just tap the “X” next to it and then confirm the action.

How to pin message on Telegram Web

  1. Go to Telegram Web and right-click on the message you want to pin;
  2. Select “Pin” or notify the members of the conversation, in the pop-up that opens next;
  3. Once that’s done, you can find the pinned message at the top of the conversation;
  4. To unpin it, just click on the “X” next to it and then confirm the action.

From now on you know how to pin a message on Telegram on mobile or PC.

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