How to Pair an Apple Watch

Over time, the Apple Watch has become one of the most popular products in the segment of type devices. wearable. And in order to access its data and configure it properly, it must be paired with your iPhone.

Thus, it is able to display notifications, access apps, in addition to monitoring and recording users’ physical activities. In order for the pairing to be successful, please make sure your iPhone is updated from iOS 15 or higher operating system. Thus, it will be able to pair with an Apple Watch 3 (or later) with watchOS 8.

Below you can check out the tutorial to pair Apple Watch on iPhone.

How to pair Apple Watch

  1. Turn on the Apple Watch and bring it closer to your iPhone. Once this is done, the smartphone will issue a message asking if you want to pair the device, so tap “Continue”. If it does not appear, open the Watch app on the iPhone and tap “Add Apple Watch”;
  2. Select the “Set for Me” option and position the iPhone’s camera so that the Apple Watch appears in the frame indicated by the viewfinder. Thus, the pairing between the devices will begin;
  3. After a few moments, tap “Set up Apple Watch” and follow the instructions on your iPhone and Apple Watch to complete the setup.

When setting up your Apple Watch, if you like, tap “Know Your Apple Watch” to learn about what’s new in watchOS, see tips, and learn more about your settings. After finishing the task, you can find the same option on iPhone through the Watch app under “Discover”.

How to resolve Apple Watch pairing issues

If you are unable to perform the iPhone and Apple Watch pairing steps, or have noticed that something has gone wrong during the process, there are a few steps you can take to correct the problem. Look:

  1. If you turn on the Apple Watch and a watch face appears, it means that the gadget is already paired with the iPhone. To redo the process, you will have to erase the clock’s contents and settings. Check out our article on how to reset an Apple Watch to factory settings;
  2. If the camera does not start up while trying to pair, tap “Manually Pair” on iPhone — at the bottom of the screen — and follow the instructions;
  3. Check the connection to the Apple Watch. If it has been paired before, check in Control Center to see if the red iPhone icon or a red X is showing on the screen. Activate the gadget’s Wi-Fi and mobile network connections and bring it closer to the iPhone.
  4. On iPhone, go into Control Center and turn off Airplane Mode. Activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the device.

How to Erase Apple Watch Without iPhone in Hand

If your Apple Watch is showing a watch face, it won’t be able to pair it with your iPhone. To do the process, you must erase the clock from scratch and reset its settings. This procedure is also necessary if you intend to pair the watch with a new smartphone. Follow the steps below to proceed with the task:

  1. Go to the Apple Watch “Settings” menu and, under “General”, select “Reset”;
  2. Choose the “Erase All Content and Settings” option and tap “Confirm” to reset Apple Watch to its original factory settings. This will remove all media, data and settings, but will not remove Activation Lock.

Pair more than one Apple Watch

If you own more than one Apple Watch, you can pair and manage gadgets on your iPhone. The process is exactly the same as for the first watch, just bring the two devices together and wait for the message to pair. If not, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Watch app on the iPhone. In “My Watch”, tap on “All Watches”;
  2. Tap “Add Apple Watch” and follow the instructions.

How to switch to another Apple Watch

When pairing another Apple Watch, iPhone automatically detects the watch you are using to quickly connect. However, you can also choose manually. Check out:

  1. Open the Watch app on the iPhone. In “My Watch”, tap on “All Watches”;
  2. Disable the “Auto Selector” option.

When using a different Apple Watch, go to your iPhone and tap the watch you’re using from the Watch app. Thus, you guarantee that the two will be paired and working correctly.

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